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Grown on Terraces in Yemen's rugged terrain, Hand Picked & Sundried on rooftops, this is how Yemen has produced it's specialty coffee for over 500 years. Since 1450 Yemen's Sufi Monks are believed to be the first to cultivate coffe plants and brew the drink known today as coffee! And where would we be without it?! Such an integral part of Yemen, the coffee plant is even featured in it's Coat of Arms. One of our biggest sellers when served as a Single Origin at The Shot House.

  • Product Info

    Your coffee will be packaged in a sealed zip lock coffee bag that contains a one-way valve to release the natural gasses created as the coffee beans age and 'out gas'. This valve allows gasses to escape without letting oxygen in. To keep your coffee as fresh as possible grind your beans as required and store in a cool, dark place in the bag provided. Alternately you can store your beans in a coffee cannister that includes a gas release valve.

  • Shipping Info

    Depending on your location this purchase will be shipped via Local Courier or Australia Post Satchel with tracking number.

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