Café Info

We are a local, small business.

…and like you, our business survives on making sure our customers always receive the best customer service, and quality product.

 At Southern Addictions Coffee we roast our coffee on demand – so it’s always at optimum freshness when delivered weekly to our cafes and customers.

 Not bitter or sour, we offer medium roast coffee beans in a selection of styles, including our popular cafe blend CCS (Costa Rican, Columbian and Sumatran) and a beautiful Organic, Rainforest Alliance, Mountain Water Decaffeinated Bean. Single Origin and Specialty Blends can also offer your patrons greater choice.

 Through word of mouth; radio and print advertising, Southern Addictions Coffee has become a well known brand across Gippsland, offering your café a recognised, locally produced product.

Age Advertorial Oct 2015