What’s Important to us

We’re passionate about coffee too!

 Our Service & Our Coffee

is always Close at Hand.

We could say “we have the best coffee”…. but the truth is, everyone has different tastes –

…..and we appreciate that!

What’s best about Southern Addictions Coffee?

We’re passionate about coffee too!

That’s why we do it!

We do coffee with true passion –

Quality Beans

Absolute Freshness

Incredible Crema

We know you appreciate that!!

The Environment is important to us:

Organic and Rainforest Alliance is a high priority at Southern Addictions Coffee.

Not only do Rainforest Alliance crops help protect our coffee regions’ precious Rainforests; the additional benefit is shade grown coffee beans are far superior to the fast, high turn over, sun grown crops.

Organic – Good for you and the Environment!

For us, less chemical consumption means better health! For the World, less Chemical usage means a healthier environment!

It all adds to the satisfaction of Southern Addictions Coffee.